h a n d c r a f t e d

Our pieces are proudly handcrafted and each item hides a story.
A thousand miles away a field bakes in the sun. Pickers pull soft cotton from the boll and flax from the earth by hand. Nimble fingers work needle and thread through cloth. Elsewhere seasoned oak is selected from the lumberjacks and deft hands carve toys from the wood.
Loving hands have made these pieces. We hope they bring you all the enchantment and joy their were made for.

The process from concept to finished article in every piece we make is a lengthy journey. It begins with us at home, in our studio, where together we draw up every design and concept on paper and in sketchbooks before creating mock-ups. We then send our prototypes and patterns to our partners for sampling, colour matching and reproduction. 

Our blankets are made by a very special team of ladies in India, brought together in sisterhood and in many cases pulled from the harshness of a very different kind of life. A charitable foundation, the facility provides safe haven to women who have survived the torture of tragedy, poverty, trafficking and forced labour. Here they are protected, able to work in the joy of good company and friends and to flourish with a new life built on security, faith, friends and hope. 

Far from the indignity of sweat factories and mass production units where makers are trained almost robotically to produce at high rate, with no care for the maker, these ladies sit in clusters on mats, with cups of tea, sharing humour, helping and teasing each other while they work. This is slow fashion in its truest sense. Each piece is made with love, intention and integrity - and always while preserving the maker. In a touching gesture, the ladies even say a prayer for every piece they make, willing it to bring happiness to the receiver. 

In Europe, the team who make our toys are a father and son concern full of enthusiasm, extremely skilled and painstaking in their attention to detail. They have a been a joy to work alongside, with a keen interest in every new idea and always ready to incorporate their own experienced advice and thoughts into the making process. This means the outcome is the result of true teamwork and each piece is built to the highest quality, made to last.

Working with artisans from across the globe has been one of the most special parts of starting our little business. The people we have met, the stories of their lives and culture, and the knowledge we are involved in creating a better future for many of them has been an incredibly gratifying and humbling experience. We are excited to see where else it takes us.